Midweek meals to look forward to

It's not often you get really excited by a Wednesday night dinner, but we've got a mid week hack for you thats equal parts easy and delicious. Here's our pick of simple meals perfect for those night when you want to eat well, fuss free.

Lucy Liu

Four of Lucy Liu's famously delicious dumplings and buns matched with their signature sauces perfect for an easy night in. If the promise of easy and delicious wasn't enough, this yum cha pack includes their tiger prawn and spinach crystal skin dumplings with red vinegar dressing.

$32.50 per person

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La Tortilleria

Don't limit yourself to just Tuesdays for this taco feast. La Tortilleria have the perfect dinner pack loaded with everything you need to create an abundant dinner of authentic Mexican tacos & sides. This pack perfectly serves a family of four (or two if you are extra hungry).

$20 - $40 per person

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Looking for an easy weekday indulgence? Order David's Vegan Yum Cha Feast. Featuring all the best meat-free sellers like Mushroom Dumplings, Shiitake Mini Buns and Spring Onion Pancakes.

$35 per person

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Three generations of Grossi family recipes

Every lasagne recipe has it's quirks and secrets but this one's are closely guarded. Chef Guy Grossi has perfected this family favourite and we think its the ultimate mid week dinner. Equal parts hearty, warming & perfectly balanced - it's a sure bet crowd pleaser.

It's available in a serve for two (700g) or a family sized pan (2kg) for around $18 per person.

Our Quick & Easy Picks

Make your own mini-feast by putting together a few of our favourite à la carte dishes.

A Quick & Easy Indu Meal For Two - $29 per person


A Quick & Easy Mejico Meal For Two - $32 per person


A Quick & Easy Grossi A Casa Meal For Two - $41.50 per person


A Quick & Easy Maha Meal For Two - $46 per person


A Quick & Easy Pepe's Meal For Two - $43 per person


A Quick & Easy Tipico Meal For Two - $44 per person


A Quick & Easy Atta Meal For Two - $40 per person

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