Order Ahead
Delivery available from 3rd of January 2020

Sunda EXP is a microcosm of some of Sunda’s favourite flavours along with new, never before seen dishes. There’s the Sunda pantry – an array of indispensable sauces that are the flavour punches for our most iconic dishes – items from the restaurant’s menu, and more, designed to be shared, family style.

Christmas Feast


Sharing has always been central to our meals at Sunda, and our banquets are designed so you can share that same joy over delicious food with your family and friends. We’ve picked out some of our favourite dishes for two, for families, and for cooks who would like to experiment with our condiments. All the dishes are simple to prepare, and you can get the whole family involved with the cooking as well. If you have a larger family, we recommend adding on a few smaller dishes or rice, noodles and sides to your order for more variety to go around.

To Start

Delicious small bites designed to share.


More substantial dishes of meat and seafood, designed for two.

Rice, Noodles & Vegetables

Rice & noodles to build up your meal with Sunda’s signature punchy flavours.


Reinterpreted Southeast Asian classics for a sweet finish.